Recommended age group: Primary and Secondary
Time required: 45 - 60 minutes
Equipment: Art materials: colouring pens, pencils, crayons, paints. Scissors.


Challenge outcomes

  • Design and illustrate a postcard.
  • Write a message of motivation or support for Team GB and ParalymicsGB.
  • Develop vocabulary around the theme of motivation and encouragement.

Teacher notes

This challenge provides an opportunity for pupils/students to share motivational and encouraging messages to Team GB and ParalympicsGB. 

Tip: As pupils/ students are not posting these postcards, there is more space for them to write their message. Encourage pupils/students to use the space when writing their supportive message.

Support: Pupils/students can work in pairs or small groups to develop motivational messages.


Challenge: Encourage younger pupils to think about the impact of support from fans on Olympic and Paralympic athletes’ performance. For older students, challenge them to find the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.

Optional: Play the video clips to the class: