Recommended age group: 12–14
Time required: one 45–60 minute session
Equipment: Let's Celebrate activity sheets, balls, nets, rackets etc. for creating the new game.


This lesson will challenge young people to put their own spin on a team game or sport that relies on the values of fair play, respect and friendship. This lesson will develop communication skills, test people's ability to listen and respect others' rules and ideas. Young people will need to cooperate with each other and show teamwork.

Part 1

  1. Divide young people into teams and ask them to talk about the importance of teamwork and respect for others. Each team can feed back to the class about their discussions.
  2. Give each team a clipboard, pencil and a different printed Activity card.
  3. Teams must devise rules for a game or activity using their Activity card as an outline and write down the rules and how to play it. Blank templates are also provided.
  4. Teams must then set up their activity and start to play it as a group. During this time they can amend any of their chosen rules and refine the game ready to deliver it to another group.
  5. Rule adaptation cards can be given out to groups to support them with implementing new rules into their games.

Part 2

  1. Teams must then join up with another team who will have a go at playing their game. Teams must listen to each other, be respectful of their games and test out each other's ideas cooperatively.
  2. Rotate teams around so they get to have a go at each other's games.
  3. As a summary activity get each team to evaluate each other's games and their rules and talk about how successfully they demonstrated respect during the lesson, how easy or hard the games were to play, how much fun they had and if teams communicated their activities successfully.


  • Encourage young people to come up with their own top five values which they think are needed to succeed in sport. These can be shared with the class.