Recommended age group: 13–14
Time required: one 45–60 minute session
Equipment: Golden rules activity sheets, spare paper.


This lesson is based around role models in sport and life and the value of inspiration. Young people will be challenged to think about all the ways they are inspired by their sporting heroes. They will come up with reasons why sporting heroes can help people enjoy, succeed and be better sports performers. Young people will reflect on their own sporting behaviour and attitude. They will identify all the qualities that a sporting hero has and how these can influence young people on and off the sports field.

Part 1

  1. Search online and then share some images of athletes, with both good and bad reputations. Individuals should stand up if they admire or are inspired by the athlete.
  2. Divide young people into small groups and ask them to discuss and feed back about the following questions:
    • What makes someone a role model?
    • What makes someone a bad role model in sport? For example, cheating, drug taking, not playing by the rules.
    • Why do we need good sporting role models?
  3. Hand out a blank piece of paper to each group and get young people to create a mind map based around all the qualities and example behaviours which make someone an amazing role model in sport.
  4. Young people can circle or highlight the qualities and behaviours which they think they have displayed in sport or in other areas of their life.
  5. Get each group to list all the people they think are good role models in sport and in life.

Part 2

  1. Each individual can choose one sporting hero to focus on and create a hero profile for them.
  2. Young people can research their chosen hero and gather key information to build their My Hero profile such as career highlights, examples of displaying positive sporting behaviours and why they look up to them as an inspiration.
  3. Individuals should think carefully about their role model and compile a list of behaviours which would stop them being seen in a positive light. Would this person still be a role model if they broke one of your golden rules?

Website links


  • Students can write a pledge about how they are going to show and display the values of good sporting ambassador.
  • Pledges can be creative and colourful and can be displayed as part of a classroom wall display.