Recommended age group: 13–14
Time required: one 45–60 minute session
Equipment: Let's Celebrate activity sheets, balls, nets, rackets etc. for creating the new game.


Part 1

  1. Divide the class into equal teams and ask each team to talk around the following questions:
    • When you play sport or games how do you show respect to your competitors?
    • How can professional sportspeople show respect to their competitors?
    • How can we all show respect for our own bodies and environment?
  2. Each team can feed back their responses to the rest of the class.

Part 2

  1. Ultimate Frisbee is a self-umpiring game which means everyone is an umpire and all players can contribute to making decisions so the game continues to flow.
  2. Nominate one person from each team to be a coach and the remainder of the team should be players. It is the coach's job to observe from the sideline and coach their team to try and score points.
  3. During the game each coach is allowed to have two 'coaching time-outs' with their team lasting for one minute. They can use their Coaching cards to highlight key points, share new ideas and draw a diagram to explain any tactics or strategies they wish to implement.
  4. Get two teams together to design and agree their own set of rules to play their game of Ultimate Frisbee.
  5. Hand out a printed Ultimate Frisbee rules checklist to support teams with deciding their rules and regulations.
  6. Set teams off to play against each other for a set time period. As an activity summary ask teams how difficult they found it to umpire their own games whilst they were playing. Did they think that everyone showed fair play and respect with their decisions?

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  • Give a Scenario card to each team and give them time to either discuss it and work out what they would do in their given situation or have ago at playing with the scenario they have been given.
  • Teams can also create their own scenarios using the Scenario card blank templates.
  • Teams can rotate around to play different opponents and set new rules at the start of every game.
  • Give students the Let's Celebrate take-home activity sheet to encourage them (working with a parent or guardian if possible) to explore fair play and positive behaviours in everyday life.