Recommended age group: 5-11 and their families
Time required: 10 minutes
Equipment: simple household/classroom equipment – balls, music, dusters


About TOKYO TEN activities

Tokyo Ten Activity Guides provide simple ways to get active with family or classmates. All you need is 10 minutes and simple equipment, and you will find discover new, simple ways to get moving.


  • Tokyo Ten activities are easy and simple to do.
  • Activities can be Indoor, Outdoor, Home (or school) or Away (outside). Find this information circled on the guide.
  • Some activities need basic equipment. This is also listed on the guide.
  • Illustrations show how to do the activity. You can also colour these in!
  • Each activity has five simple steps to follow. There also ideas to vary the activity and challenge yourself.


There are 15 different activities to choose from.

  • Handy Hitter - try your hand at these simple badminton-inspired activities
  • Be Boulder - get a taste of one of Tokyo 2020's newest sports - Climbing. No high walls required!
  • House Workout – practise these moves to put the fun back into household chores
  • Fast Lane – race your friends to add some competition to your walk to school
  • Count Me In – keep your focus as this number-based ball game speeds up 
  • Duster Dodge – chase your family members to steal their duster tails, while protecting your own 
  • It's a Hit – race against time in this team-based exercise
  • Random Routines – practise your creativity and balance as this game turns your home upside down 
  • Sofa Serves – defend the sofa from incoming balloons in this ball game
  • Tee Time – challenge your hand-eye coordination in this ball game based on precision and skills
  • TV Triathlon – compete in your own version of a triathlon, all while watching TV 
  • Where's the Pair? – hunt for the missing sock in this special version of hide and seek
  • Radio Taiso – discover how the Japanese stay fit and healthy with this video-based bodyweight workout 
  • My Workout – get creative and design your very own Tokyo Ten!
  • Snow Battle – turn the Christmas clear up into a fun active game with this indoor twist on a snowball fight!


Don’t forget to log your Tokyo Ten activity against your team for the chance to win great prizes.


  • Try a similar activity or sport using the suggestions on each Tokyo Ten Activity Guide, or get more idea from Our Active Inspiration poster (see Teacher/Parent resources).
  • Use the My Workout sheet to create your very own Tokyo Ten Activity Guide.
  • For more amazing ways to get active, check out these programmes: