Recommended age group: 14–19
Time required: varies
Equipment: Get Set for Community Action activity sheets


Help your local community get active by running your own Get Set for Community Action project.

About Get Set for Community Action

Get Set for Community Action was an exciting volunteering programme, which aimed to strengthen relationships between young people and their local communities through the Olympic Values (friendship, excellence and respect) and the Paralympic Values (courage, determination, equality and inspiration).

Over 18,000 14–19 year olds – ‘Action Leads’ – worked in teams across the UK, building relationships with local community groups. A whopping 500 projects were planned and delivered.

The resources

The Get Set for Community Action resources are available for use by any students planning a community or volunteering project.

A Get Set for Community Action project can be:
• a one-off event or activity
• a series of events or activities over a period of time
• an evolution or extension of existing events or activities.

A Get Set for Community action project should be led by students, but should also respond to the needs of the local community. To do this, it may be useful to identify and work closely with a 'Community Partner' (a local community organisation, such as a charity, primary school, or residential care home). Divide students into teams of 'Action Leads' and get brainstorming some ideas for projects within your local community!

Make it active

Running active sessions can be a great way to bring the community together, and help inspire others to lead healthy, active lifestyles. Encourage student 'Action Leads' to think about some of the challenges faced by members of their local communities when trying to get active. How could they create an activity idea that is accessible to all and will encourage more people to get active more often?