Recommended age group: 14–19
Time required: one 45-60 minute session
Equipment: Get Set for Community action activity sheets.


Running a community project can help students develop key skills and experience for the workplace or further education. Help students to maximise on their experience by encourage self-reflection and the continued development of skills by reporting, presenting and handing over a successfully project.

Exploring skills

Help your team to understand how to use the skills they’ve learnt.

  • Complete the Project report activity sheet to help students think about what they have learnt and what they could do in the future.
  • Encourage students to take a look at the Make the most of your volunteering experience information sheet to understand how to present volunteering in CVs and UCAS applications.
  • Ask students to update their CVs to include details of the volunteering experience and run mock interviews.


Building on your project

Remember a good project responds to the needs of your community. What have students learnt from your project so far? What worked well, and what can you improve?

  • Try something new! Just because the project went well doesn’t mean you need to do exactly the same thing again. Encourage students to use their Project reports and experience to develop new ideas.
  • Talk to members of the community, or your project partners to make sure your project continues to be fit for purpose. Set a new time frame for continuing your work.
  • Encourage students to created a presentation to inform other students of their work. Use the Presentation top tips to help students develop their confidence about speaking in public.