Time required: 10 minutes
Equipment: Paper, Pens, 6 Balls (or rolled up paper, or even balls of socks)



Boccia (pronounced bot-cha) is the most inclusive sport you’ll find! It's easy to play, but harder to master! 

Boccia is a Paralympic sport with no Olympic equivalent.  It’s a target ball sport which tests both muscle control and accuracy.  From a seated position (and therefore ideal for wheelchair users) players propel balls to land close to a white marker ball – the jack. If you’re unable to grasp and propel a ball a ramp can be used. 

Today we are challenging you to take part in the Boccia Hopscotch Challenge.

  1. This activity is designed to test pace control and accuracy.
  2. Set up a hopscotch grid (as displayed below) with A4 paper. The first number around
    1m from your throwing position.
  3. Using 6 balls, the aim is to get your ball to stop on one of the numbered pieces of
  4. Your score will correspond to the number on the target
  5. You can have a Maximum of 1 ball per target.
  6. A second ball on a target will score 0, a ball not on a target will score 0.
  7. Maximum possible score for this game is – 45 points


When you have completed your Boccia Hopscotch Challenge, remember you need to log your activity to power your team forward.  

If you enjoyed this challenge, you can find more boccia activities in the pdf below. Why not sign up to Virtually Boccia where you can submit your scores, compete against others and get access to even more boccia challenges in the future.