These resources are the perfect tools to provide inspiration and new ideas to get young people active as they travel on the virtual journey around the world, the Path to Paris.

The Path to Paris Travel Guide provides cross curricular learning opportunities to explore different cultures. With fun activities and puzzles you can engage your young people in topics across PSHE, Geography and History. As well as a whole host of inspiration and ideas to support young people to get active.

The Paris Power Ups are a series of short 10 minute activities and games perfect to get children active with minimal equipment and in any setting. 

Through the Build your Skills and Celebrate your Ability activity packs teachers, community leaders, or adult family members have everything they need to lead short engaging games and activities to support young people to get active.

 The Build your Skills activities allow young people to build the core skills essential across all sports and physical activities, and to understand how the development of these skills leads to success in all sports.

Inspire your pupils with our Magic Moment Films as Team GB and ParalympicsGB athletes reflect on their journey into sport and the magic moment they knew they had found their sporting calling.

The Celebrate your Ability pack is a pack focused on supporting adults who work with young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) to get active, and celebrate their abilities. The pack is a guide and enable teachers, community group leaders and supporting adults to understand how all physical activity sessions can be tailored and differentiated to young people across the spectrum of SEND.

Inspire your pupils with our Celebrate your Ability film where Team GB and ParalympicsGB athletes reflect on moments they have been told their potential was limited, but overcame barriers for sporting success.

Use the resources as one off, fun, short activities or as a whole pack across the summer term or summer holidays to help young people build their skills and celebrate their abilities.