Recommended age group: 5-11
Time required: Activities perfect to be used in isolation for quick 15-minute PE activities or to be used across a 6-week period to develop children’s physical skills.
Equipment: Generic PE equipment (balls, bean bags, hoops etc). At home substitutes listed for all equipment.


With the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games approaching, there is an exciting way for to get pupils active and excited for the Games with Team GB and ParalympicsGB’s Path to Paris programme. A virtual journey around the world that young people aged 5-11 all over the UK are going to embark on from autumn 2023.  Find out more 

Prepare your school and your students for Path to Paris kicking off in autumn 2023 by using our new Path to Paris Build Your Skills resources.

The Build Your Skills resources help children develop the essential skills that are needed for all sports and physical activities. The resources enable pupils aged 5–11 to take part in physical activities that will develop their key skills and build on their understanding of how these key skills translate in participating in all Olympic and Paralympic sports.

Download our Teacher Guide to understand how the resources can be used over a period of 6 weeks, as part of a PE curriculum or to support young people to get active in a youth or community group setting. 

The Core Skills Resource Packs (Balance, Control, Travel) are structured into 18 x 15 minute short games or activities to help pupils understand and develop each of the core skills – how to balance, how to travel and how to improve their control. Any of the activity guides in the pack can be used individually as a fun starter activity, or stand alone game, or can be used as a progressive programme to enhance young peoples skills over a number of sessions or weeks. 

The Skills Builder activity sheets enable students to record and observe their progress as they develop their skills, and the Sport Builder activity sheets help children to understand how these key skills are essential in all sports.

Download our Sports Builder Planner to help children understand how building your skills is essential to participating in sports. 


Watch our Magic Moments videos to hear more from Olympic and Paralympic athletes reflecting on how they discovered their own pathway into their sport. Get inspired to ‘Build your Skills’ and find your sport.

Take it further

  • Utilise our new Path to Paris Films, Magic Moments to help your pupils get active, have fun, and reach their potential.
  • Use our SEND focused Celebrate Your Ability pack to encourage all children and young people to celebrate their ability and get active.
  • Prepare for Path to Paris with our SLT guide and flyer so you're ready for the full launch in autumn 2023.