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Are you back from playing tag in the garden or building a fort with your family in the garden? Log your activity here to help your team on their journey to Paris.

How many people took part?

What's this?

This helps us understand who in your team is getting active, whether thats children or adults or both!

Including yourself, enter the total number of adults and children that you got active with.


Did you do the activity as a family member?

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This helps us understand whether activities are being done at school or in sports clubs, or at home with family.

  • Select the activity you have done

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    This helps us understand what type of phsyical activitiy you are doing.

  • Describe this other activity:

    How much did everyone enjoy getting active?

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    We want to know how much everyone enjoyed getting active, if you got active as part of a large group report the general consensus.

  • How long did it take?

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    This helps us understand how long you got active for so we can calculate your virtual kilometeres and power you on your journey.

    Enter the total number of hours and minutes the activity took to complete.

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  • How hard did you work?

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    This helps us understand how vigorous your activity was, the more strenuously you exercise the faster your team will reach Paris. 

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