Recommended age group: 5–16
Time required: 10 minutes to two hours
Equipment: printed activity sheets (differentiated options at the end of each presentation).


This resource explores inspiration and encourages students to get active.

The student-facing presentation contains a range of interactive activities and videos featuring Olympians and Paralympians, and differentiated student activity sheets.

The resource is designed for use either in assembly or in class time, and focuses on the following key questions.

  • What is inspiration?
  • What inspires athletes to get involved with sport?
  • How do athletes inspire others to get physically active?
  • Why is it important to be physically active?
  • How can we inspire others to be physically active – and get active ourselves at the same time?

The simple version of the presentation is best suited to primary pupils, and the ‘advanced’ version best suited to secondary students. While you can deliver the activity in full, it is also designed to be flexible and you can pick and choose the elements that will work best for your students. Simple delivery notes are included in the ‘Notes’ section below each slide.


  • Include links to the opportunities already available in your school/community for young people to get active.