Recommended age group: 5–11 and 11–16
Time required: 20 minute assembly or 45–60 minute lesson, 45–60 minute follow-up challenge
Equipment: (for the Managing Change challenges) printed student packs, equipment as detailed for each challenge in teacher pack.


This resource aims to help both primary and secondary students understand and build the skills they need to manage change and develop resilience in their school and home lives. It draws on the experiences of Olympic and Paralympic athletes and support staff dealing with the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Games. 

The resource has two parts. These can be used together, or as independent, stand-alone sessions.  

Managing Change - part 1

20 minute assembly or 45–60 minute PSE/PSHE/PD&MU/health and wellbeing classroom lesson

Part 1 is led through the interactive Managing Change presentations (primary and secondary versions are provided) and film, which can be used in an assembly or classroom (using the extension ideas in the teacher's notes to extend to a full lesson). It provides examples and prompts to initiate reflection and discussion, focusing around the following key questions.

  • What sorts of changes affect our lives?
  • How does change affect our feelings?
  • What can we do to manage change?

Managing change - part 2

45–60 minute PE, PSE/PSHE/PD&MU/health and wellbeing or transition day activity 

Part 2 is a practical activity-based challenge. The Olympic and Paralympic Games Quest resources are designed for primary-aged students (especially those aged 7+) and the Going for Gold Pursuit resources for secondary. The challenges can be delivered in PE sessions, or as part of a collapsed timetable day – for instance as an activity for a transition day with key year groups. Both the primary and secondary activities allow students to practise and evaluate managing change strategies while tackling fun, physical tasks in teams. A teacher guide, task cards for the pupils, challenge cards to issue at key points, and reflection tools are all provided. Delivery variations are offered in the teacher guides so you can adapt the tasks to your pupils, timings and school logistics.