Recommended age group: 5–11 and 11–16
Time required: two 45–60 min sessions
Equipment: printed activity sheets (included at end of each presentation)


This resource explores how young Olympic and Paralympic athletes can inspire us to build healthy activity into our own lives, manage our time well and reach our own goals. It is designed for use in either an assembly or in class and includes short and fun activities to get the whole class moving.

The student-facing presentations contains a range of interactive activities and a video (see above) featuring young Team GB and ParalympicsGB athletes Ellie Robinson MBE (swimming), Alyssia Tromans-Ansell (archery) and Islay Watson (windsurfing). It also includes a student activity sheet at the end of each presentation.

The resource focuses on the following key questions.

  • What does the daily life of a young athlete look like?
  • How do young athletes achieve their goals?
  • What can we learn from young athletes that helps us achieve our own goals and build healthy habits?
  • How can you find a sport or activity you enjoy?
  • How can we show resilience when things don’t go as expected?
  • How can we build a healthy routine and habits, that allows for balance and relaxation?

The simple version of the presentation is best suited to primary pupils, and the ‘advanced’ version best suited to secondary students. While you can deliver the activity in full, it is also designed to be flexible and you can pick and choose the elements that will work best for your students. 

Make it active

The presentation contains active challenges. They are simple and suitable for sessions with large groups (such as an assembly).