Teachers’ introduction

Get Set’s Road to Rio includes a package of exciting learning resources for ages 7-11 and 11-14 centred around the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. These activities promote teamwork and healthy, active lifestyles inspired by Olympic and Paralympic athletes and the power of sport.

The resources comprise:

  1. Assemblies
    Primary and secondary PowerPoints to introduce Brazil, Rio 2016 and the Team GB and ParalympicsGB athletes involved – full of exciting photos and background information.
  2. Classroom activities
    Two sets of lesson plans, for 7-11 and 11-14, which focus on different aspects of Rio 2016 to provide a wide range of flexible, enjoyable cross-curricular ideas and whole-school participation.
  3. Activity sheets
    To accompany the classroom lessons, downloadable pdf sheets to reinforce learning and help children record ideas.

Using the resources

The above Road to Rio activities can be used in conjunction with the other exciting resources on Get Set to make the most of the build up to Rio 2016 and provide an integrated whole-school approach which will motivate children and keep them engaged. The additional resources include:

  • The Road to Rio app – teams are challenged to travel the distance of London to Rio through participating in different kinds of sports, games and physical activities.
  • Hangouts – interactive videos where students interview athletes and the support teams behind them.
  • Values Awards – a great way to reward students who demonstrate a commitment to the Olympic and Paralympic Values.
  • Spotlight Sports – punchy introductions to sports featured at Rio 2016 and the athletes involved.

The resources are flexible and all work as stand-alone activities which can be used in any order. For schools which want to make the most of the resources, however, and use them in an integrated, effective way the following flow charts show can be used for planning.

Secondary Road to Rio Planning Chart
Primary Road to Rio Planning Chart

Tips for making the most of the resources

  • Build excitement and anticipation by linking activities to countdown milestones for Rio 2016 – these are shown below the planning charts.
  • Kick-start the project with the assembly on one of the key timeline dates to create a buzz.
  • The Road to Rio resources are a great way to promote health and wellbeing in schools – the following elements are particularly useful for this:
    • Road to Rio app
    • Train to win
    • Dance fit
  • Encourage students to share their own sporting interests and successes.
  • Make a showcase video or picture and upload it to the Get Set Community page.

Summary of the new classroom activities

Primary 7-11

  1. Train to win (Science, maths, PE)
    Children work in teams to chart their performance at a simple physical activity over time to find out how training improves results and about the effect of exercise on the human body.
  2. Games across the globe (Geography, ICT)
    Children research the venues for the past five Olympic Summer and Winter Games, working in groups to find facts, use a map and create a simple Olympic and Paralympic Games quiz for the whole school to try.

Secondary 11-14

  1. Train to win (Science, maths, PE)
    Students chart their performance at a simple physical activity over time, working in teams to find out how training improves results and about the effect of exercise on the human body.
  2. Paralympic Heroes (PSHE, ICT)
    Students use ICT to create a visual profile of one of the ParalympicGB medal-winners from London 2012 to act as an inspiration for others who want to aspire to something special.