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Curriculum focus

English, mathematics, science, PE, PSE, PSHE, PD&MU, health and wellbeing.

Get Set to Ace It, developed with the LTA, uses tennis to inspire students to learn, build their skills and find the motivation to become more active. Covering English, Maths, Science, PE and PSHE/PSE/PD&MU/Health and wellbeing, the activities will get students thinking, and working collaboratively to create new ideas. There are different activity ideas for primary and secondary aged students, with materials including films, activity sheets, presentations and differentiation ideas. All of the lessons also have ideas for making the sessions active so that physical activity can be included.

For more tennis-based resources from the LTA, check out: The LTA's newly developed personal development resources use the examples of tennis players and tennis-related challenges to help support the personal development of young people and inspire the next generation of players and spectators. They discuss key qualities, attitudes and skills including: motivation, resilience, perseverance, passion and respect.