Recommended age group: 7–14
Time required: one 60 min session
Equipment: This is tennis and the Values assemblies


These assemblies are for you to use as you like to introduce your students to tennis. The This is Tennis presentation is recommended for 7–11 year olds and The Values presentation for 11–14.

  1. The This is Tennis assembly introduces tennis to children and aims to get them excited about the sport by presenting videos, facts, highlights, key players, benefits and information about how and where to play. It also introduces them to different forms of tennis including wheelchair tennis, visually impaired tennis and deaf tennis.
  2. The Values assembly introduces the Olympic and Paralympic Values to students with the objective of inspiring students to try and live the Values in their own lives. Watch the Everybody for tennis video and think about the different ways that the Values are shown in sport.


  • Plan a short tennis themed warm up to finish your assembly, or for students to complete when they return to their classroom to get students active ready to continue the school day. Start with some stretches, then complete a short sequence of squats, jumps and jogging on the spot.