Recommended age group: 5–18
Time required: two 45–60 minute sessions
Equipment: relay batton, paper, video play (optional).


Run a special relay event to share an important message within the school or wider community. The Message relay assembly presentation can be used to introduce the idea of the message relay, using the example of the Queen's Baton Relay. As a class discuss what motivates you to get active, and chose a message to encourage others to do the same. Summarise the message in a short slogan and design a baton/ container to theme your relay.

Discuss and agree how you will actively spread this message in a relay-style format, for example:

  • From class to class, across the school.
  • From school to school, across the community. Take your message to other schools in your area or invite them in for a relay event, during which you can pass on your special messages to each other.
  • Go further and create a whole-school message that you can take out into the community, to deliver to different community groups, such as nurseries, senior citizens, sports clubs, etc.
  • Invite these community groups into school, share the message and focus on relay races and events that include everybody in being active in some way and trying something new.


Encourage students to create a marketing campaign for the event and message to spread your message even further. Remember to upload a showcase or tweet @GetSetCommunity on the 23 June to share in the excitement of Olympic Day.