Recommended age group: 5–18
Time required: 10–15 minutes
Equipment: Olympic Day assembly.


Inspired by a visit to Much Wenlock in Shropshire, and a belief that sport can bring people together and promote understanding across cultures, Frenchman Pierre de Coubertin formed the International Olympic Committee on 23 June 1894. Two years later, the first modern Olympic Games took place in Athens, Greece.

Every year on 23 June, throughout the world, people come together to move, learn and discover through sporting, cultural and educational activities that spread the Values of the Olympic Games and promote participation for all.

Included in the slides are examples of celebration events and activities that have taken place in previous years. The final slides are a call to action for your children to decide how they might celebrate the birthday of the modern Olympic Games.


If you do just one thing...

  • Reignite children's interest in, and engagement with, the Olympic Values of excellence, respect and friendship.
  • Use a planned sporting event to discuss and celebrate Olympic Day. Include an oath reminding participants to do their best and strive for personal excellence.
  • Check out whether a link school will celebrate Olympic Day. Ask them to share their celebrations with your children.
  • Include a focus on the Olympic Values in your planned sporting activities during the summer term – recognise and reward children demonstrating the Values.
  • Include an Olympic Day fun run for everyone as part of a planned sporting event.
  • Ask children to recall their fantastic memories of past Games. Show them the films of some of the momentous events and (if appropriate) remind them of the fun things you did with them leading up to the last Games.
  • Or, provide children with ideas of simple games and activities they can play with their parents/carers and siblings at home or at play in the community during the long summer holidays.