Recommended age group: 5–12
Time required: 30 minutes per activity
Equipment: arts and crafts equipment (see activity sheets for details).


These arts and crafts activities will create an opportunity for young people to explore the history and symbols of the Olympic Games and get creative. Each craft could be run as independent activities, or together as a circuit – perhaps at a school Olympic Day fair, or a focused art and design afternoon?

  1. Discuss the significance of your chosen Olympic symbol. More information on the Olympic wreath and medals are provided in the information sheets below and you can check out the Get Set Olympic and Paralympic mascots image gallery for examples of past mascots.
  2. Show an example of the finished Olympic craft and explain how it was made, then assist children as necessary in creating their own wreaths, medals or face-painting. Instructions for making each craft are included in the activity sheets below.



Ask children to prepare their crafts ahead of your next PE lesson, sports day, or an Olympic Day fun run. Encourage students to observe their classmates during the activities and make their own choices about awarding their prizes – for instance rewarding their peers for showing the Olympic Values of respect, friendship and excellence. Remind them that excellence does not just mean coming first, it is a commitment to being the best you can be and performing to your personal best.