Recommended age group: 9–18
Time required: 30 minutes per activity (further ideas in teacher toolkit)
Equipment: memory cards (below), scissors, quiz (below) (further activity sheets and ideas in teacher toolkit)


The activities can be used independently as starters or tutor group challenges, or together, with the quiz challenging older and more able students to further evaluate the Values and apply their initial understanding.

  1. Introduce and explore the Olympic Values with a quick memory Game and encourage your students to discuss and explain what each Values means.
  2. Use the Values quiz asks students to make a self-assessment of how the Values apply to their lives, looking at various situations and considering how they would respond.


  • The Teaching Values teacher toolkit contains a wealth of further information for teachers, new classroom ideas and student activity sheets to support the teaching of the Values.
  • Remember to upload a showcase or share a tweet of your Olympic Day activity for the chance to win Get Set goodies!