Recommended age group: 5–14
Time required: 30–45 minutes
Equipment: Olympic Value of respect presentation.


Use these discussion points and activities to explore the Olympic Value of respect and the idea that self-respect for your body and your diet can make a big difference.

What is respect?

  • Focus on the idea of self-respect and talk about the different ways that we can respect ourselves. Younger students may focus on simple tasks like brushing their teeth every day whilst older students may talk about living their lives according to values or principles.
  • How do athletes create a culture of self-respect?
  • Is it sometimes just as important to respect your own body by saying no if you are doing too much work or training or to use performance enhancing drugs?
  • Invite students to share ways in which watching Olympic athletes has inspired them to respect their bodies more. What small changes could they make in their everyday lives? Some examples are provided in the assembly, but can students think of their own ideas?


Go the extra mile

  • Create a class chart or record of changes students have made over a term. Add up the hours they have spent walking or exercising and display the total so that they feel proud!
  • Study the nutritional needs of athletes for different sports. Do different disciplines require vastly different diets? Suggest that students keep a food diary for two weeks and talk about any changes they may like to make.
  • Pair students up and hold weekly coaching buddy sessions where they find out about any progress their partner is making and areas where they may need help.
  • Encourage students to take part in or lead discussions and debates where they have to respect the opinions of others.