Recommended age group: 5–14
Time required: 30–45 minutes
Equipment: Paralympic Value of determination presentation.


Use these discussion points and activities to explore the concept of determination further.

What is determination?

  • Invite the students to discuss how easily they give up on things. What special qualities does it take to keep on trying even when things seem difficult?
  • Can the students think of any examples of determination in their own lives or in the lives of their heroes or role models?
  • Did students know that Walt Disney was once fired for lacking imagination or that Einstein couldn't read until he was seven? What does this tell us about the way that we are all individuals and need to follow our own paths?


Go the extra mile

  • Encourage students to share their goals and aspirations. Create a brainstorm of all the small steps that make up one big achievement.
  • Help students to research the training and diet of one particular Paralympic athlete and create 'A Day in the Life' article or profile to present to others.
  • Can students find any quotes about determination in their research?
  • Help the students choose one area that they need to improve on and challenge them to show determination by improving – this could be as simple as arriving on time for lessons or as complex as competing in a major sporting competition.
  • Reward determination with certificates or prizes.