Recommended age group: 5-11
Time required: 5 mins to 30 mins
Equipment: A scooter or bike, 2 die, plain paper, a bat (or anything you can use as a bat e.g. a frying pan), household objects (e.g. rolled up socks)


The challenges below will help you get active on a scooter (you could use a bike if you don’t have access to a scooter, or a wheelchair if you are a wheelchair user). Log your activity to help you on your Path to Paris.

Complete the challenges all together, or work through them one at a time - the choice is yours! 

Challenge 1 – Scooter Bingo 

Download the Scooter Bingo sheet and print or create your own version on paper. Roll the die and complete the activity that corresponds to the number rolled!

Challenge 2 – Post a letter to a friend 

Give someone the special surprise of receiving an unexpected letter. Whether it be a note to someone in a care home, a family member or an Olympic or Paralympic athlete! Put pen to paper and tell them all about an exciting thing that you are up to this summer. Scoot to post it!

(Post it to ‘Get Set Team, 101 New Cavendish Street, London, W1W 6XH’) 

Challenge 3 – Scooter rounders 

Set up a game of rounders but instead of running round the posts, scoot!  

Challenge 4 – Scooter race

Grab some friends and set up some scooter races! Use your imagination to make the races unusual and challenging. You could use cones or household items in a line to create a slalom and weave through it.

What other ideas have you got? Ask an adult to help you make a plan that is safe and fun! 
Stay safe! Check out Micro Scooters safety and maintenance advice.


Complete the challenges and log your activity to continue on your journey to Paris! 


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