Recommended age group: 7–11
Time required: 5–45 minutes (depending on activities chosen)
Equipment: Spirit of Sport surveys (link below, question six onwards for student questions), sticky notes, A4/A3 paper, pens, pencils, magazines/newspapers and scissors for cutting out images and word (optional).


This evaluation pack is designed to help you evidence the impact of the Spirit of Sport lessons on your pupils, providing yourself, pupils and your school a valuable opportunity to understand, measure and reflect on learnings.

The tasks will be most useful if you use all/the majority of the Spirit of Sport resources, but they can still be used to reflect on and evidence learning after completing just one or two of the lessons. If short of time, you will find completing the baseline and reflection surveys with your pupils before and after the sessions will provide you with useful evidence of the programme’s impact, whilst only taking five minutes each to complete.


We’re always looking to improve and build on the resources we offer, to best meet the needs of teachers and pupils. We would therefore love it if you could share the findings from your evaluation with the Spirit of Sport team at UK Anti-Doping. Your feedback will enable us to continually improve resources, as well as being used for the programme’s internal and external reports and publications (all reflections and findings shared will be anonymised in reporting).

As a special thanks, every Spirit of Sport user who completes the survey and/or shares any further reflections will be entered into a termly prize draw to win some exclusive goodies!

Baseline survey:

Reflection survey:

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