Recommended age group: 5–11
Time required: 60 minutes
Equipment: None

About Class presentations and videos

Keep up the momentum by using our Class presentations and videos. These are curriculum-linked and packed full of exciting activities and information about Olympic and Paralympic athletes and are linked to pupils’ own experiences with resilience, personal achievement, mental well-being and the importance of setting goals. Fun facts about Japanese culture are also included to get pupils inspired about the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Includes information and learning activities for pupils. See the ‘notes’ section for teacher guidance. 

Welsh versions of pupil facing materials are available here.

Making Me Happy (NEW)

Looking after your mind is just as important as keeping active and fit. Use the Making Me Happy presentation to explore the emotion of 'happiness' and how pupils can make others around them happy too. Includes links to Japanese culture, Olympic and Paralympic athletes, and a personal action plan to develop understanding about what makes us happy.

Kit Collector

To achieve their 'personal best 'athletes need the right kit and equipment. Use the Kit Collector presentation and video to increase your pupils’ participation and effort in physical activity by focusing on personal achievement and improvement, reinforcing the idea of ‘personal best’. 

Team Qualifier

To qualify for the Olympic and Paralympic games, athletes need goals, support and resilience. Use the Team Qualifier presentation and video to help your pupils get active and learn how they can use these qualities in their day to day life.