Recommended age group: 5-11
Time required: Check each activity sheet for timings.
Equipment: Check each activity sheet for equipment required.


Path to Paris is inspired by the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Team GB and ParalympicsGB, their sports and Values, and the amazing events that will take place in Paris this summer.

Use the free resources in the pack to introduce children to Olympic and Paralympic sports they may not have heard of or played before, without the need for any specialist equipment. You can use these fun, flexible resources in whatever way works in your setting.

What’s included in the pack?

  • Activity sheets with quick set up games to introduce the following sports: Archery, Boccia, Goalball, Hockey, Table Tennis and Volleyball.
  • Magic Moment short films info sheet – links to some inspiring stories from a range of Team GB and ParalympicsGB athletes who each reflect on their journey into sport and the magic moment they knew they had found their sporting calling.
  • A welcome guide which gives loads of suggestions of how to use the resources, how to take it even further and join in on the Path to Paris, plus a wealth of links to more content for you to use.

However you decide to use the resources at Easter, we’d love to hear about it! Share your photo or video on social media or by email and you might get featured on our Show and Tell page.