The Travel to Tokyo challenge is made up of a series of goals. Every Monday, we will send you a goal for teams to work towards across the week for the chance to win exclusive prizes including class sets of skipping ropes, kit bags, speakers and athlete visits. The current goal will be shown on your Team Dashboard, together with a big yellow box where you can see your team's personal target and follow your progress across the week. Any activity logged against the team Monday-Sunday will count. 


We've kept things simple for the Half Term Goal: we are asking all teams to log two new types of activity - two types of activity team members have not already logged against their team. 

PRIZE: By logging two new types of activity, each team could win a set of 30 skipping ropes, one for each pupil to take home. PLUS activity ideas for using the skipping ropes to get active at school and home! We have five sets of skipping ropes on offer.

Please note the prizes are on offer to schools in Liverpool and Merseyside only as part of our Travel to Tokyo pilot. 


This half term, aim to try new activities together as a family. 

Activities do not have to be 'sports' – it could be 10 minutes of any activity that gets you breathing faster and hot and sweaty. Try one of our Tokyo Ten activities to introduce movement into your day, and even make up your own activity. 

Find new ideas for each of our activity categories on the My Active Inspiration sheet. Put it up at home as a daily reminder to keep moving. 

Visit your local leisure centre to discover new ways to move and participating leisure centres in Liverpool and Knowsley will even have an exclusive Travel to Tokyo display where you can log your activity. Find out more about activity in participating leisure centres.

All activity counts, so remember to log your activity against your team and help them on their journey to Tokyo. 

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