Recommended age group: 5–14
Time required: 30–45 minutes
Equipment: Paralympic Value of inspiration presentation.


Use these discussion points and activities to explore the Paralympic Value of inspiration further.

What is inspiration?

  • Invite students to share examples of people, actions and events that inspire them and how these things make them feel, for example, watching role models in sport/hobbies or taking inspiration from nature.
  • Think about the qualities that make Ellie Simmonds an inspiration to us all. Perhaps some of the other Paralympic Values can be introduced at this point.
  • What makes a good role model? Have the students' role models changed over the years? Younger students could bring in a picture of their role model whilst older students could present their own slide show or talk.


Go the extra mile

  • Encourage students to create a collage of images that inspire them and to put it somewhere visible so that they look at it every day.
  • Who inspires the students in their family, community and in the wider world? Inspirational family members or community members could be interviewed by the students or invited in to give a talk.
  • Why not write a letter or email to an inspirational role model; even if they are famous, students may get a reply that will stay with them forever.