Recommended age group: 5–11
Time required: one 45–60 minute session
Equipment: What makes an effective team activity sheet, Celebrating Rio presentation.


  1. Share the Celebrating Rio assembly slides (especially slides 14 on) with the whole class - or watch an extract from the Teamwork at the Winter Games film. 
  2. How many teams can the children identify from the slides/film and what is each of them working towards (e.g. building the venues, preparing and rehearsing for the Opening / Closing Ceremonies, volunteering and training to qualify for Team GB / ParalympicsGB)?
  3. Using the headings from the ‘What makes an effective team?’ activity sheet, have a discussion about what makes each of these teams successful – what do they all have in common? (e.g. a clear team goal, team roles, shared values, tasks working towards the goal / schedule, etc.)
  4. Pick one of the teams preparing for the Games and fill in the activity sheet template as a class (or talk through the example given). Discuss the roles individuals play in a team that together ensure a successful and happy outcome. What might happen if one team member didn’t do their job properly or if they didn’t have a clear goal to work towards?
  5. In small groups, children can then fill in their own template choosing either to investigate another team preparing for the next Olympic and Paralympic Games – or a team of their own, in preparation to complete a specific task (such as one of the team challenges suggested in this suite of resources). The below websites offer useful information on Team GB and ParalympicsGB for those children conducting their own research.
  6. Can they tell you five things that all effective teams have in common?


With younger or less able children use the example model provided on the ‘What makes an effective team?’ activity sheet, or prepare data about another team your children would be interested in and complete the activity sheet template as a class. You could also reduce the number of headings. If they are using the template for their own team, in preparation for a team challenge lesson, work as a class to complete the sheets.

Older or more able children can work in small groups to research another team of their choice, researching and gathering information to complete the ‘What makes an effective team? activity sheet template. Encourage them to add their own ideas of qualities that make a great team.


Tackle one of the team challenge lessons, which will reinforce the learning and encourage the children to think about and plan their own team work more effectively.