Recommended age group: 7–11
Time required: 15 mins
Equipment: Spirit of Sport baseline survey (link below, question six onwards), projector/smart board to display the diagrams, How Can I Show the Values activity sheet (optional)

What is Spirit of Sport?

The Spirit of Sport resources explore the values of sport, build an understanding of fair play, and enable pupils aged 7–11 to make positive and healthy choices both on and off the field of play. The resources are structured into six 45–60-minute sessions to help pupils understand and apply each of the following values – determination and courage, friendship, fair play, respect, equality and inspiration – and can be explored individually or as a full set. 

Activity Idea

The Introduction Guide provides an overview of the resources, a suggested delivery order for the sessions and quick baseline/introductory activities to help gauge pupils' current understanding of the values. 

Measure impact to win

As part of this introduction, we encourage you to complete our baseline evaluation survey. This (in addition to the reflection survey) will allow you, your pupils and your school to reflect on learning and understand the impact of the resources. It will also help our team to also understand the effectiveness of the resources to continually improve them to best fit pupil and teacher needs. The first five questions are for you as the leader to complete, while question six onwards ideally looks for pupil views (e.g. by a quick show of hands/active vote).

What's more, completing the survey online will automatically enter you into our termly prize draw to win exclusive goodies! 

You can find the survey at:

Spirit of Sport at Home

In addition to the classroom resources, you can find our Spirit of Sport at Home pack providing take-home activities that can be used to follow up school learning. Featuring quick, fun values-themed games for pupils to play and discuss with family and friends, the pack offers a great way to build home-school links and encourage pupils to get active and discuss their learning at home.